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Jamaican Labour Laws Quiz

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Many of us enter the world of work with no idea what the laws that govern that sphere of life are. There is no excuse for ignorance as there are many sources of accurate information including:

  • The Ministry of Labour
  • Short Courses - Check with The Jamaica Employers' Federation and Professional Training Institute
  • Books - some that are particularly easy to read are listed below

    "Labour Relations Handbook: Questions? What's Yours?" by George Kirkaldy, CD
    "A-Z of Industrial Relations Practices at the Workplace" by George J. Phillip Ph.D.
    "Members' Guide: Summary of Labour Laws" by The Jamaica Employers' Federation

The quiz which follows highlights some of the basic information that every employee, at every level - Line staff, Supervisory and Management, should be aware of. Do get started and let's see what you know!   Please note that laws change so consult with the Ministry of Labour for current information.

Jamaican Labour Laws Quiz
How much do you know? Take this quiz and find out.

  1. An eight-hour work day includes 1 hour for lunch

    True ____ False___

  2. It is mandated by law that all workers must get 1 hour for lunch

    True ____ False____

  3. It is the responsibility of my employer to provide me with Health Insurance

    True ____ False_____

  4. The National Minimum Wage for a 40-hour work week is currently

    $4,070 per week ___ $3,200 per week___ $6, 048 per week ___

  5. The Holiday With Pay Order states that a regular worker has to work for not less than 110 days each year to qualify for Vacation Leave
    True ____ False___

  6. The Holiday With Pay Order states that the employee is due leave in the year following the qualifying year
    True ____ False___

  7. The Sick Leave With Pay Order provides for _______Working Days per year

    10 _____ 15_____ 20______

  8. I am entitled to Sick Leave With Pay if I:

    A. Inform my employer of my illness not later than the second day
    B. Send in a Medical Certificate after 3 days of illness
    C. Have been working for one (1) full year or at least 110 days with the same employer
    A. only ____  B. only ____     C. only ___      A. & B. ___

    A. & C. ____  B. & C. ____    A., B. & C. ___

  9. If a worker falls ill before completing one year’s service, provided s/he has completed 110 days work, s/he is eligible for paid sick leave

    True ____ False ___

  10. A doctor’s certificate should recommend a specific number of Working Days of Sick Leave

    ___Yes, this is correct. The doctor should state the number of days required for recovery
    ___No, the doctor cannot separate working days from non-working days where illness is concerned

  11. To qualify for Maternity Leave With Pay a woman would have to:

    A. be at least 18 years old
    B. have worked continuously for at least 52 weeks with the same employer
    C. be at least 5 months pregnant

    A & C ___    B & C ___    A & B ___    A, B & C ____

  12. If a Public Holiday falls on a day in my working week, within the period when I am on Vacation Leave, I am entitled to an extra day.

    True ____ False___

>> Click here for the Jamaican Labour Laws Quiz – Answer Sheet

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